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This type of service presumes that the customer is completely sure about the content of the PowerPoint presentation. Please, see the outline of presentation we were provided with and then download the resulting presentation. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if there are any further questions or concerns.

We need to prepare an excellent presentation of the new BMW 3 Series Coupe. It must be prepared using PowerPoint. This task is assigned to you. These are detailed instructions for the presentation.

Product managers from different regions. Middle age. Interests and marital status unknown.

One BMW 3 Series Coupe automobile. A laptop with a remote control and a laser projector with the white screen. A laser pointer.

Exhibition hall of our store with the car placed in it. The lights will be dim, so you do not have to make this presentation with much contrast.

Overall time of the presentation is two hours, about 45 - 60 minutes can be devoted to the PowerPoint presentation itself, including additional time for questions.

Level of Technical Detail
The required level of technical specification is rather low. The presentation must be totally clear to a non specialist.


Please, use the following outline:

1. Introduction - general introduction of the product.
2. Main part - a description of the car basing on four main aspects:
   a. Style
   b. Comfort
   c. Safety
   d. Speed
3. Closing part - no specific conclusion is required.

You may change this outline upon consulting with me.

This presentation must have a unique style. Do not use default PowerPoint templates. I advise to use materials from the booklet describing the car. General style of the presentation must remain serious, professional, and accurate. I advise using silver, and hues of blur colors. Do not use too much animation or pictures. Do not use sounds. Background music will be provided separately, but there will be no technical possibility to play sounds in the presentation on the high enough quality level.
All slides and effects must be triggered to a click. Do not include any time dependencies. Amount of slides is not of particular importance, but information on them must be vivid and clear, break certain ideas in parts if it will enhance performance. However, mind the time of the presentation 45 - 60 minutes, including questions.

The whole presentation is divided into separate parts. Each part can include several slides. Amount of slides per part is up to you but keep it reasonable.

Part 1 - Introduction
Use a BMW logo and a slogan: "SHEER DRIVING PLEASURE".

Part 2 - Introduction of the Car
Use a picture, where the car can be seen completely. Include a slogan for the promotion of this model: "KNOWING WHAT COUNTS"

Part 3 - Outline
Include general aspects of the presentation: style, comfort, safety, and speed. The whole further promotion will be based on this four words. Use the title: "When we say BMW 3 Series Coupe, we mean"

Part 4 - Style
Describe the car using materials from the booklet; try to maintain a single style of the presentation and the booklet. Use photos of wheels.

Part 5 - Comfort
Insert photos of the interior of the car with the text: "When there are no comments".

Part 6 - Safety
Include description of the active cruise control and park distance control with appropriate images from he booklet where possible. It will make a nice transition from the comfort to safety. Then include a list of main safety elements of the car:
o Adaptive headlights
o Airbag system
o Dynamic stability control
o Cornering break control
o BMW restrain system
o Runflat tires
o Door reinforcements

Part 7 - Speed
Use the following text:
"Zero to 100 km/h: 5.5 seconds
From eye to heart - instantaneous"
"And deeply moving even at 0 km/h"
With appropriate photos.

Part 8 - Closing of the Presentation
Include text: "We were proud to present you BMW 3 Series Coupe" on the blank screen.

If there is a need to change any major details you must consult me. Minor details are up to you, just maintain a relevant style and quality.

Please, download the completed presentation here

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