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In order to create a top-quality report, one should aim at making the piece of writing correspond to its purpose, as well as audience (for instance, it may have to be concise, elaborate, restrained or vigorous in style and vocabulary). A writer should be able to employ an ample vocabulary and a fluent, precise style, to say nothing of flawless grammar, punctuation and spelling. For the overwhelming majority of essays, lucid personal interpretation is required.

Before writing a report, it is vital to think carefully over the points one is going to dwell upon and the questions to be answered. It often happens that a writer begins creating a report or an essay "off-hand" and consequently quickly runs out of steam. To create a good essay, one needs to pass four stages in the process of writing: planning, drafting, checking and redrafting. So, preliminary planning is a necessary precondition for writing a quality report, as it allows to make sure a writer has got enough to say on the topic.

To ensure good content of the report, a writer should always keep in mind its title and main points, as well as the questions that should be answered. It will ensure the writer's not getting distracted from the subject. To make a report powerful, persuasive and/or scientific, certain stylistic techniques are to be used, such as, for example, metaphors, similes, alliterations, argument markers, rhetorical questions, emotive or descriptive language, etc. (depending on the essay's purpose and reader). It is very important to consider who will be the reader of the report so that to be able to choose an appropriate language and tone. Also, the purpose of the essay plays a vital role: whether it is written to interest, describe, inform, entertain, argue, produce some particular impression, etc. In paragraphs 2.1 - 2.21 we will consider different forms of essays and give tips as for their content, style and techniques that may be helpful in the process of creating them.

An essay may have many purposes, but to build a properly structured, sound and competent essay, it is necessary to process a preliminary research and conduct the systemization of available information on the topic of the essay. Importance of the preliminary stage lays in the possibility to acquire more knowledge on the subject and consequently generate more powerful ideas for the future essay. Each fact that may seem insignificant at first may become a potent argument that reinforces and solidifies the primary concept promoted by the author. Exactly to this reason it is ultimately useful to collect and systemize interesting quotations and factual material. It is ultimately important to remember that each fact or quotation should be properly referenced as otherwise it may look like the author has invented the facts or - which is worse - plagiarized the ideas from another author. In most cases, plagiarism is treated with aversion and disgust, which may bear harmful consequences for an author of a plagiarized essay. Upon systemizing the available data, it is possible to outline the primary concepts and ideas for the essay and further develop them into a precise outline of the entire essay.

It is possible to form the outline of an essay in the form of a diagram. The diagram should show the connection between ideas and concepts that were collected during the preliminary research stage and the topic of the essay. Essay topic should be placed in the center of a diagram as the entire research should be organized around a purpose - substantiation, negation, description of the topic. Further development of a diagram depends on the type of the essay that is going to be written. In case an author strives to explain some process, each supplementary circle on a diagram should represent abridged facts that explain the topic. In case an author is trying to persuade, the supplementary circles should contain the most forcible arguments. It is possible to categorize the stated ideas further and shape more circles with supplementary ideas until an author feels that all his primary concepts have found sufficient reflection on the diagram. Further, it is necessary to arrange the obtained diagram by determining the order in which ideas and concepts are going to appear within the body of an essay. It is also necessary to choose the most powerful idea, concept or argument to state it briefly within the introductory paragraph and/or thesis statement. As soon as the outline (either diagram or a written outline) is systemized, it is possible to proceed to writing stage.

Before writing a report, a writer should spend time on thinking what exactly s/he is being required to do and look at the key words in the question s/he is being asked or a task s/he is set. For example, when the task is to compare two or more things, the essay should be comparative on the whole rather than providing information about one object and then the other, trying to make a comparison at the very end. Planning will help create a nicely structured piece of writing answering exactly the questions which are put. Planning should not be viewed as a mere waste of time; it includes thorough thinking and brainstorming the themes and ideas, and then putting them in the correct order.

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